Venshaq Holding Limited
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Enhancing Community Well-Being .

In the heart of Kawangware, a vibrant community filled with hope, VenShaq Holdings, alongside Shaq's House and Treven Cleaners, is on a mission to address pressing challenges.

Vision: This neighborhood grapples with health disparities, food scarcity, and chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. These issues are exacerbated by food insecurity and poor sanitation.

Approach Our team accompanied by healthcare providers goes beyond medical check-ups, providing knowledge and hope. We measure blood pressure, offer valuable advice on managing chronic conditions, and distribute essential food and sanitation items.

Achieved Impact: Together, we've reached over 100 residents, especially the elderly, addressing immediate health needs and empowering them with self-management skills. The smiles on their faces testify to our shared success. Our efforts extend beyond this event as we continue health empowerment and hunger relief initiatives in Kawangware and other low-income areas.

Cleaner, Healthier Communities.

At Treven Cleaners Limited, we're dedicated to addressing public health and hygiene challenges prevalent in densely populated informal settlements like Kibera and Kawangware slums.

Objectives: Inadequate sanitation facilities and poor hygiene practices, especially among school-going children, have turned these areas into breeding grounds for diseases like cholera and typhoid.

Approach Our approach is multifaceted. We lead educational handwashing campaigns targeting diseases like cholera and typhoid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we distributed free masks to protect vulnerable residents. Our active involvement in monthly city clean-up initiatives enhances urban environments. Additionally, we equip low-income households with Home Sanitation Kits, providing essential cleaning supplies and safety guidelines.

Achieved Impact: Our efforts have led to improved public health, particularly among school-going children, with reduced cases of cholera and typhoid. The distribution of COVID-19 masks has saved lives, while our city clean-up initiatives create safer, cleaner spaces. Empowering low-income households with Home Sanitation Kits enhances their well-being and living conditions. Treven Cleaners goes beyond standard services, leaving a significant and lasting positive impact on our communities.

Empowering Maasai Communities .

Nestled in the heart of Kajiado County, our Shaq's Farm initiative is dedicated to empowering marginalized communities.

Objective: Maasai communities face severe challenges due to climate change, including food scarcity and environmental degradation.

ApproachTo address these challenges, we've embraced a holistic approach, combining crop cultivation and animal husbandry. We've also implemented sustainable practices like harnessing clean, renewable energy through solar panels, setting an example for environmental stewardship.

Achieved Impact: Our efforts have illuminated the path to resilience, food security, and ecological responsibility within these communities. Furthermore, our success has inspired community members to seek knowledge on implementing these innovative farming methods on their own parcels of land, fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable growth.

Transforming Perspectives.

  • 1. WObjective
    Our challenge is clear – combat the deeply rooted stigma that shrouds mental health issues, leading to widespread misunderstanding and discrimination.
  • 2. Approach
    We've harnessed the compelling power of visual storytelling to revolutionise the conversation around mental health. Through unique family-oriented shows, we're breaking down barriers and empowering young talents to express themselves through the arts, fostering understanding and empathy.
  • 3. Achieved Impact:
    Our journey has already begun to create a society that is more compassionate and accepting of mental health challenges. We're not only seeking to mend broken family bonds but also providing opportunities for talented individuals in the arts, contributing to their economic empowerment and personal growth.